Just got in from a livestock judging trip.  It’s been a few years since I’be hauled a livestock judging team.  Especially a team of 8th graders.  But it was a good trip and successful.  The team did well, but it is time to get reasons improved.  That, we can do.  

       Talked to a goat dad and his daughter at the contest.  They have 14 does on feed.  All are named after strippers.  I asked how one comes up with 14 stripper names.   She replied, “I googled them.”

      We stopped and sorted some wethers and barrows on the way home.  Always fun to look at some stock.  Even better when there are good gates.  

      Once home, there was the usual chores.  But Tammy had helped a bunch.  I checked Facebook and “walla”, there was a post of 80s hot video chicks with Tawny Kitaens pic.  Duke and I decided that we needed to watch that Whitesnake video.  Thank goodness for vevo.  Keeping old farts memories alive and influencing the next generation. 

     All I really know at this point, it’s not the years.  It’s the miles.  And, I am a high mileage unit.