How do I spell misery?   It only takes 3 letters—D O E.   I hate female goats.  And my hatred is getting worse.  Why oh why do they have to hurt a kid?  Yes, there is a very well bred buck kid here that is now carrying a back leg because another doe decided to plow him.  I try to keep does and kids in small groups to limit this from happening, but NOOO.  It still happens.  It happens to every goat breeder.

As a result of me being pissed at female goats, I am selling doe kids that I would normally keep and breed.  We kept a bunch of doe kids the past 2 years but I don’t want to increase the herd size.  In fact, I’m probably going the other direction.  That way I can have one doe per pen.  These Feb. and April doe kids will be online next week.  They aren’t overly fitted or fluffed.  Just good stock with top shelf genetics.  A couple of them could be fun to show.

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