I’m back here at the Tulsa State Fair. I dulled some clipper blades on a couple of does, then headed back to the hotel. This hotel is on the fairgrounds, which saves me from any possible driving violations. It is a bit of a hike from the doe barn to the hotel. I earned a 3 mile hike merit badge today. That and I should get an award for PATIENCE. Yes, I normally lack this, but the last 2 miles to the hotel took me 58 minutes, while listening to OSU try to give a game away to K-state. Upon leaving the barn, I decided to take a “short” cut through the midway. I enjoy this kind of deal–fly solo into a moving mob of people. I can spend hours, by myself in a crowd, easily entertained. This is what I learned. 1– a lot of people have tattoos. 2–Chevelle is a pretty good band-live. 3–I have better teeth than most on the midway. 4–$30 will buy you 2 blue moon beers and a spicy brat with sauerkraut, curry ketchup & brown mustard. 5–a person needs to speak 3 or 4 languages in today’s society. I only speak American & dipshit. 6–the weather was perfect for a Saturday night on the midway. Back in my teaching days, I had a student or two that liked to cruise the midway and practice livestock evaluation. We would look for Miss Skank OKlahoma. There were rules–1–she had to have at least one visible tattoo. 2–She had to be using a tobacco product. 3–she had to either be drinking a beer or carrying a stuffed animal-or both. 4–proof of eating something fried or dipped. 5–at least A tooth. There were lots of candidates out tonight. That and the spicy brat was dang sure spicy. Couple that with the curry ketchup, sauerkraut, mustard & some barley & hops and that should make for a delightful, gutteral combination.