Mixed up a bottle of Prohibit. It was obviously the newer mix as it didn’t turn the color of Mountain Dew. I wormed a pen of keeper doe kids with this stuff. Mentally, I don’t feel like it worked–the color wasn’t right and the doe kids didn’t act like it tasted as bad as it used to. Anytime, there is a drug, pesticide or wormer that works really well, seems like the FDA gets involved and changes stuff and it doesn’t work as good as it used to. Of course, I probably don’t work as good as I used to. Maybe that’s a mental deal also. Maybe some things hurt more than they used to.

Drove to Chilress, TX on Thursday to look at a combine. It wasn’t a bad drive. The landscape never really changed. From Fairview to Childress was like a box of crayons that somebody took all the good colors out and just left the six different colors of BROWN.

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