Memorial Day

    The sun is finally shining and I’m as happy as a bulldog pup that is face down in a fresh gopher mound.  We needed the rain, but it is nice to see some sun.  Fortunately for us, we have just had rain.  Other parts of OK and TX have had tornadoes, hail and flooding.  I feel for them.  

    After the 4 letter word post, I received several texts regarding proper 4 letter words and most of them mentioned rain as a 4 letter word.  I wasn’t going to go that far.  July and August will come soon enough and we will be wishing that we had some of this rain. 

     It is Memorial Day.  Remember those that came before us, that paved the way and built this country.  Thanks to all of the active service men and women.  Thank you to all of the Veterans.