Memorial Day

Thanks to all that have served and sacrificed for this great nation.  At present times, there are things about this country that makes one go “hunnh?”  but the fact that we can question our nation is due in part to those who fought for these rights.  Thank you and GOD bless all that have or are serving.

We are wet.  Real wet.  But not as wet as those east of us.  Prayers for you all.  When one ventures outside, it smells wet.  Wet grass, wet soil, wet hay, wet feed, wet animals.  We need a little sunshine for several days.  I need to gather some calves that have a vet appt (dehorning) but they are on the other side of the draw that is full of water.  As Duke said, “We ain’t catching them till the water goes down.  And I’m not going to try to swim them across this.”  Small problems compared to what others are dealing with.

So, we worked some does.  We wormed every nursing nanny with Safeguard.   We also gave each doe a couple of cc’s of Liver & 7.  I really like to use this on first time mommas and does that are struggling to milk.  It doesn’t work miracles but it helps boost their iron and B vitamin levels.  We also trimmed some hooves.  Right now, hooves are soft.



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