Why are they called “memes”?  IDK either.  Some of these things I like and others I can scroll right on past.

However, the screaming ladies and the chill cat memes…..I read them all!  I know they are beyond stupid but I like the good ones. Many of these aren’t funny and somewhat redundant.  But some of them are classic.  So, I keep reading them all…waiting on the next classic.

I love the 6 panel meme with hillary and the cat–9 lives!!!!

I enjoy the chicks screaming “Where is the cat?” and the chinaman with wok, slyly smiling.

Another one with hillary–Wheel of fortune with “JEFFERY E–TEIN -I–ED HIM-E-F”

hillary yelling–Jeffery Epstein pissed himself!” & the cat saying “Eff it!  I’ve got 9 lives.  I’d like to solve the puzzle, Pat.”

My new favorite might be “Stop spreading rumors about me, I’m not a slut.”  And the cat says, “BS!  You’ve been cocked more times than John Wayne’s rifle!”

And to tie it all back to the goat industry.  There is a real good one with the screamers yelling “My goat should have been grand champion!”  And Chill Cat says, “You’re goat should have been on a taco.”  I love it.


And just for the record, the protocol on the cystic doe did not work.  She was back in heat, right on schedule.  On a better note, does with CIDRs are coming in hot.  2 shot lut—eeenhh, not so much.


If you need me to send you some of these favorite screaming ladies and chill cat memes, hit me up.


Oh, and the way social media keeps the Jeffery Epstein story going, might be the single best thing about social media.



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