here in paradise, we are just happy to be alive.  The battle with the fungus looks like it is nearing the end.  This one has been brutal.  It has taken its toll on the goat, but he hasn’t lost his appetite, so there is a chance that we can get him back into form.

Normally, when one travels to NW OK during the month of August, green is not the color that comes to mind.  Most years, the colors would remind you of a 64 count box of crayons that all the good colors have been taken out and all that is left is brown, burnt sienna, camel and tan.  But not 2017, it looks like a John Deere dealership….lots of green.  Yeah, we got more rain this weekend.  The neighbors tell me that my rain gauge sucks and that they have gotten more rain.  May be.

Speaking of the neighbors, I was standing in the road watching water running out of the spillway pipe on the big pond.  They pulled up and wanted to know when I was going fishing.  I allowed since that pond had gone dry the past two years, I was pretty dang sure that there wasn’t any fish to catch.  They allowed how you don’t have to catch fish to enjoy it.

Then, one of them told a story about seeing a guy named Dan Blocker sitting on a bridge fishing.  This was back in the late sixties.  He and his then girlfriend pulled up and talked to him.  This guy was just sitting there drinking a beer with a line in the water.  They asked if had caught any.  He reeled his line in and showed them an empty hook.  “It’s kind of hard to catch any with no bait.  I just needed a reason to sit here and drink a beer and enjoy life.”

Some of you old timers may remember Dan Blocker.  He played Hoss Cartwright on the legendary TV show Bonanza.  Dan Blocker married a girl that grew up near here.  So, the story of him fishing is probably true.  Maybe.  By the way, I watched an episode or two of Bonanza this summer.


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