May 4

      Lots of special things happening on this fine day.  First, it is national Star Wars day.  I have been a Star Wars junkie since the seventies.  Kela & Duke, in turn have become somewhat of Star Wars junkies as well.  So today was fitting to be national Star Wars day.  May the 4th be with you.

     Second, May 4 was the first Pick your Poison sale.  Braden & Schoovy hauled goats to Texas.  They delivered an online sale doe for Tyke to a buyer.  They took a wether to be delivered.  And they took my goats to the sale.  If you can’t go yourself, you send top notch help.  They got the goats sold and I am pleased.  They might be bringing an older legendary buck home with them.  

     Most importantly, May 4, 2013 was Kela’s graduation from the Oklahoma State University.  This makes the 3rd generation of Kelln to graduate from OSU.  Tammy and I are real proud of Kela and look forward to her pursuing her career choice.  

      It was a very good graduation ceremony.  Way better than the 1993 model when they let me out.  They opened the march in with the official OSU bagpipe and drum band leading the way.  These dudes were wearing the full regalia including orange, black & gray official OSU plaid Kilts.  They looked sharp.  I am way into good bagpipe music and wearing a kilt.  A professor sang the national anthem and “Oklahoma”.  WOW!! That dude had a set of pipes. The president of OSU, Burns Hargis, does a very good job.  You can tell that he has a passion for the university and is involved in the community.  He isn’t just some old codger.  The students like him and his wife, alumni like them and I am sure donors like him.  

    Speaking of donors, all of the piles of cash that Boone Pickens gave to OSU to build athletic venues has been cussed and discussed.  No matter your opinion, it changed the culture at OSU.  It is really neat to see the way the students have built a lot of cool traditions as a result of going to football games in that new stadium.  The chants, the way they sing the alma mater together, etc, etc.  Obviously, I am born and bred a Cowboy, but it is a really cool atmosphere in Stillwater.