These dang goats are kind of like a marriage.  You spend a lot of time not wanting to be around the other party.  But, you know that you have to do your part or it isn’t going to work.  Throw in some kids and you can feel the responsibility.  Everything has to be done right by all parties or the kids won’t turn out right.  If the kids aren’t right, nobody is right.

Every year at Thanksgiving, I am reminded of this fact.  My parents were married on Thanksgiving in 1970.  I came along in 1971.  They are now nearing 50 years of marriage.  They have raised 3 boys and are now enjoying the grandparent’s role with 5 of those beasts ranging from 26 to 6–Kela, Duke, Jaycee, Kevlee and Jett.  

There are numerous times that all 3 boys can get upset with dad.  However, he was obviously a great teacher, by example, at one thing–marry well.  Not for money. Just marry a woman that is better than you.  All 3 of us meat-headed boys have married well.  Good looking, hard working, great mothers that have enough temper and patience to put up with our crap.  All 3 of these wives have taken cooking lessons from mom–wicked smart move.  

In today’s society, it is hard to stay married.  I’m not judging others if it didn’t work.  I’ve seen plenty of times where there needed to be a parting of the ways.  Trust me.  I am surprised that I haven’t been kicked to the curb yet.  I don’t make many big mistakes, but I can be a pain in the ass to deal with.  I’m sure that my brothers are in the same boat.  Congrats to JQ and Deb for another year closer to a milestone.  And, more importantly, for 3 for 3 sons following the same path.  The combined years of 3 sons married plus mom and dad is starting to near a century.  

I hope that I get rid of the goats before the Dragon Lady gets rid of me.