Yes, I realize that it is still the first week of January, but it is time to be thinking about marketing product.  Which, in this case, we are talking about goats.  As a breeder, you have to be thinking ahead.  Ask yourself questions. 

1–Have my past marketing strategies worked?

2–Am I leaving money on the table?

3–Are my show goats ending up in good hands?

4–How do I expand my market?

5–Am I happy with what I have been doing?

6–What other options are available?

7–Who can help me improve my market(s)?

I don’t care how big of a breeder or how big of a reputation a breeder has, each operation needs to continually answer these questions and then act accordingly.

I can tell people how to do things, but I am really qualified to tell you how NOT to do things.  I do know that a breeder must have an online presence.  This doesn’t mean that you have online sales; it means prospective customers can find your program on the internet.  Ads tied to high traffic sites.  A well developed website.  And a page amongst the socially transmitted disease known as Facebook.  If you don’t know how, don’t have time or the desire, get help. It is money well spent.  

     Know what your goals are?  If it is about $s, talk to people that are cashing checks.  Like everything else in this world, this advice might have a price tag but sometimes you have to spend money to make money.  If it is about hanging banners & gathering pics at the backdrop then identify proven feeders, take less $s for the goat and hope the animal turns out.

  Remember, Banners & Backdrops lead to $s!  Of course, there is a flip side. As a buyer, where am I going to go to spend my $s to try to win Banners & Backdrops.

Keep warm and take care of the stock.