A common question is “How long will the goat market stay like this?”  I can answer it honestly.  Who knows?  I don’t. The market is moving north, east and west.  Cattle & horse people are getting into the goat business, looking at the price tags and going “Well hell, if that’s all it costs, let’s do it!”  Some breeders will grow, almost overnight, others won’t make it.  Why?  There is a lot of different answers.  And I do not have all of the answers.

      Every breeder needs to look at supply vs demand.  I will tell you right now that supply of goats is good.  However, the supply of GOOD ones is not.  Therefore, the supply of GOOD goats (bucks, wethers, doe kids, breds, etc.) is LOW and as a result, are in demand.  That part is simple.  

     What a breeder needs to be able to do, is look at their goats and go “Boy howdy, I needed more of those because they sold quick.”  Or, “Nobody wanted to buy these.  They must not be worth 2 squirts of duck crap.  I need to make a change.”  Once, you do that, then it is time to get serious.  Sometimes, it is better to spend some cash to buy backing from a breeder and/or advertisment.  

     I can look at this operation and easily answer what do I have?

1–Feeders–I’ve got people that want to feed properly.  I have some that have a clue how to do stuff right without a babysitter.  I have a pile of feeders that take instructions very well.  You CANNOT put a price tag on a good feeder.  

2–Showman–I’ve got the BEST showman.  I’m not going to name names but I’ve got the best, the best for their age(s), the most improved and ones that nobody else even knows that they exist.  It is like a small-market baseball team.  We GROW showmen.  We don’t do the free agent deal and steal showmen.  We teach them and then watch them go to the backdrop.  

3–Knowledge-Some have it, some don’t, some want it.  I’m looking for more of it. I don’t have enough.  Can’t ever have enough.  

4–Help–Everybody needs some help.  Help from being Barn Blind.  Help doing stuff right.  Help showing.  Help feeding.  Help, finding the next breeding piece.  Sometimes, somebody just needs a driver home.  

5–I’ve got proven does, proven bucks and below average management.  This isn’t my job, so I either need to hire somebody to take care of goats or, just be happy with what we are doing.  It drives me nuts, but on the other hand, have a cool job or take this goat deal serious and do it for money?  Chicken or the egg.  

6–What do I have?  Dang good feeders, the best showmen, some knowledge, plenty of help, pickups that will drive fast, checks that clear.  Rank those.  All are #1.

Why do I have all of these?  There are stories for each #, but most importantly, results, teaching, results, big times, results, memorable moments,  and basically, our crew gets stuff done-right, while having a large time and looking for the next great story.  Basically, we have fun.  It isn’t about the money.  It is about the kdis and looking at good livestock.  There ain’t nobody in our group wondering if they should buy supper.  Why?  Bill or I will already have it covered.  Unless, your kid hit a big lick, then it is your turn.  And everbody wants to buy when their kid just hit a homer.  

       Now, what do I need?

1–More good feeders.  I know that some don’t call me because I am an “abrasive” personality type.  “They” would be right.  Some would say a type “A” personality.  Tammy says that stands for “A-hole”. 

2–You can’t have too many good showmen.  There are only a couple of great ones, a limited supply of effective showmen and a bunch that aren’t doing stuff right.  

3–More knowledge.  Always more.  Feed me.  

4–Help.  I’ve got the best.  I know it and I constantly remind them of their intelligence or the lack thereof.  In several cases, it is a good thing that some of the team can bake cookies, make motel reservations, get cosmo horn jobs (that isn’t dirty) or just know of a good eating place.  

5–It shouldn’t be about money.  I just need more top shelf breeders that want to sell goats at a more than profitable price that want more good feeders, showmen, etc.  I already deal with the best, but we’re not against more like minded breeders that like banners. 


If you are raising good animals, and you need good showmen, then you need to ask yourself “Why are they not feeding our animals?”  There is a reason.  Ask them!  Call them.  My # is on several websites.  

Anytime, sombeody thinks that they can buy better help, they need to hire them.   Then, think was that last dude actually “hired” or working for free?  


How about this weather?  Awesome.  72 degrees at 9 pm in NW Oklahoma on July 1.  



     What do I NOT like?  Dirty pool, politics, shitty judges and If you want one of our showmen to show your goats, then there are two options–talk to the parents of that showmen or raise better goats.  The WORST thing in the showring is a game of dirty pool with a shitty judge and breeders playing mind games.  I’m out.  I don’t make any money on this addiction, so I refuse to play this game.  Instead, we’ll just show un-advertised goats that will win.  I’ll talk….to anybody….anywhere….anytime…..

There are plenty of breeders that can meet me at the intersection of roads F & U.    If you don’t know the way, call me, I have directions.