Major Redneck Event

     We made it to the Fists of Fury cage fights on Saturday night.  WOW!!  I was over-dressed for this event because I had a collar on my shirt.  Huge crowd.  But a large majority had tattoos, piercings, shaved heads, mohawks, etc.  Foxworthy would have a field day at one of these human cock fights.  Although not a pretty crowd, for the most part everybody was well behaved.  Mixed into the crowd was a lot of the powers-that-be from Woodward.  One thing that I can tell you is that if you are involved in the oilfield industry, it looks to me like attending or sponsoring a cage fight should be a priority.

      We met Darren Wichert and Rusty & Marla Thomas for supper.  Some of you may know Rusty & Marla.  Their daughter Makeitha showed wethers for us.  Marla has been the cajun cook at several of our events.  Rusty is the entertainment.  He can get a little bit sideways or as he says “get bent”.  Their son, Ethan, which is Makeitha’s twin was scheduled to fight.  This was his fight debut.  The guy he was supposed to fight didn’t pass his drug test.  The champion’s opponent in the title match was injured earlier this week and wasn’t cleared by doctors to fight.  This meant that they needed somebody to fight the champion.  So now, due to the lineup shuffle, Ethan was now fighting the current belt holder.  This wasn’t exactly a fair fight, but Ethan lasted all three rounds and gave the reigning champ all he wanted.  He did good considering what he was up against.

       Jimmy Treece was a former student from Waynoka.  I hadn’t seen Jimmy in a few years.  He had shaved his head and grown a duck dynasty beard.  He had obviously been working out.  His fight didn’t last long, about ten seconds.  They carried his opponent off on a stretcher.  It was a beating.

     We had a pile of former students there to watch these fights.  Some of these students would have been way involved in this if they would have had these fights ten or fifteen years ago.  Michael Meyer was there to partake in the good times.  He would have been phenomenal years ago.  If you don’t know Michael, he was an all -state linebacker/fullback, notorious fighter, showed grand lambs at OKC, Tulsa and Denver.  He is the nephew of Ritsun, Kenny and Fred Urban.  He’s just as onery and full of crap as his uncles.  He now works in the oilfield around Vernon, Texas.  He had a rig hand that was fighting.  It turned out his employee was the one that took the beating from Jimmy Treece.  

     Duke got his picture taken with the ring girls.  

     Rusty’s description of this event was and I quote “It’s like the state fair and my mother-in-law, it gets bigger and better every year”.

We went home as soon as the fights were over.  Most of the crowd headed to the local establishments.  I knew that there would be problems.  Fights, alcohol, adrenaline and stupidity all mixed together makes for a bad recipe.  The cops were busy the rest of the night and they had to close several Woodward clubs down early as a result of the un-caged fights that broke out.  I also, later heard that Rusty had to go to Wal Mart to buy new jeans.

  That’s the report from the major redneck event of the year.  Maybe, we need to schedule a goat cage fight.  Big I could start working out and get into fighting shape. Maybe, he and Schenberger could tangle.  It would probably turn into a tickle fight.

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