Loyal Readers

To my loyal readers that obviously know me better than I know myself: I am sorry that I forgot to list the other top 10 movies of all time.


10–Airplane! –also the original Naked Gun

9–Old School

8–Mrs. Doubtfire


6–Vision Quest–look it up. It is a great movie. Some day I will tell some wrestling stories.


4–Dumb and Dumber


2–Bull Durham

1–Man from Snowy River–all time classic, Dragon Lady favorite–great story, great cinematic adventure. I actually saw it in a movie theatre.


Whoops–I almost forgot again–the movie that has a horrible plot, is just wrong on a whole lot of levels, but I laugh like a teenage boy at a fart joke every time I watch it. I must have been “all jacked up on Mountain Dew” when I wrote the first lists. Big I is going to come at me like a spider monkey for not having this as the all time #1 movie on the first list, but I love it. TALLADEGA NIGHTS.



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