I don’t exactly love hunting.  But there are things that I do love about hunting.  For example, I just spent this Wednesday hunting quail with friends and family.  I don’t exactly enjoy cleaning birds.  I dang sure don’t normally walk that much in a given day.  And I don’t enjoy missing a shot or two.  

However, I love being outside and finding animals.  I love firing a gun.  Even if I missed twice, on the same bird.  I love hitting the next two shots that I took.  Yep, 2 for 4.  I don’t really care if I shoot at all.  Because I love watching good dogs work, talking crap with friends and the thrill of the next plum thicket might be holding a big covey of birds.  I absolutely love sitting down in a restaurant after walking through a bunch of thick, dry grass without any luck of jumping some birds.  Sometimes, a glass of iced tea tastes better than others.  I love neighbors that want to let these kids hunt on them.  I love the fact that sometimes a quail bird can just fly better than some of us shoot.  It is truly awesome to watch a bird escape. Dude, it is a thrill to know that sometimes, nature is just better than we are.  I love that the best hunts were all within a 1/2 mile of the house.  I hate that we jumped a BIG covey, but the wind kept us from having any luck on that bunch.  

The best part is watching young kids getting to hunt.  I love watching kids get excited.  Duke and the Ring boys didn’t have their best day of shooting, but I didn’t hear any of the three wanting to quit or complaining.  The only reason that we aren’t still out hunting is that it got dark.  I love watching these kids care about leaving birds for later.  We need a rain in these parts. It is too warm and too dry for the dogs to work right and the birds are scattered.   I love watching these kids hunt.  I wish that I could do this more often.  I hate that I don’t do it unless somebody is here to make me.  Thanks to the Ring clan for a great day in the field.