I need to go buy a lottery ticket as today has been my lucky day.  How lucky you ask?  Late one night this weekend, the Dragon Lady asked me, “Is the A/C making a funny sound?  Do you hear that?”  Unfortunately, the answers were YES and YES.  Well, it made it through the big Labor Day weekend.  All the way to about 2:03 am on Monday morning and then I heard the bearing in the squirrel cage give finally give out.  

        This morning, I gathered up the model # and serial # of the unit.  Tammy called a repairman.  He came out today.  YES!!  But, the parts won’t be here until Wednesday.  Well, dang.  At least we still have those two rented travel trailers parked at the house.  I just need to get more gasoline to run the generators.  I got home and well, that won’t work as the rental company already picked them up. 

      Now, the luck kicks in.  Monday, it is was about 100 degrees PLUS!.  Then Tuesday afternoon, a quick cool front with just a sprinkle of rain to cool things off and entice us.  Now, it is 70 degrees out on this fine night in paradise.  How lucky can one get?  We don’t even need the A/C.  

      It was a big weekend of goats and dollars changing hands.  By all accounts, Pfeiffer sold a wicked good paint doe at the Fiesta.  Jamie Smith was the purchaser, so she will be given every chance to hit a big lick.  Several other really good does changed hands for fair money.  I wanted to go, but I am glad that I kept my donkey at home.       In all honesty, I am probably not ever going to win a lottery (and neither are you, for that matter) but I do feel lucky.  I’ve got a great family.  My hobby is pretty productive.  I have a job that has a few benefits, namely that there are bunch of kids that want to learn and do well.  I did have a moment or two today that reminded me why I decided to become an ag teacher the first time and why I decided to continue this second tour of duty.  

      I am going to take this moment to brag on Rumour Has It.  The proof of a true breeding piece is what their offspring produces.  Rumour has done well….real well.  The highest selling wether at our sale was a Seelke wether that was a Deuce (Rumour son) & back on a Rumour daughter.  Several have seen the Deuce x Rumour kids that still have their brains intact.  There is a pen at Seelke’s that will be heard from.  Barnthouse recently had the res. grand wether at the Colorado State Fair with a Blood Pressure kid.  He also had the grand doe at the Iowa State Fair with a Blood Pressure kid.  Now, the grand wether at the Nebraska State Fair was out of Big Rumour (Rumour son that Mock sold).  This wether was raised by Ron SImonson.  And Ron is one happy dude in that banner pic.  The first one is on me at KC.  Rumour bucks are churning them out.  Better yet, the Rumour daughters are producing.  There is longevity in these genetics.  We are lucky to have him.  

     One thing about it.  If I ever do win a big lottery, the world will know it.  There will be a large concert.  Something like Eddie Murphy as the MC with the Great Divide as the warm up band and then George Strait opening up for the Guns N Roses reunion.  

     All I have to conclude this bit with, is I hope that your days are full of horseshoes and shamrocks.  All of a sudden, I feel a craving for Lucky Charms.

p.s.  My lucky day continues.  I just found a pan of strawberry cake.  Hardly touched.  There is a strip of masking tape that reads Debbie Kelln on the lid.  Yes, it is a pan of my mom’s strawberry cake.  It is now my cake.  That is good stuff. 

p.s.s.  In reply to that text picture.  I do have some laundry that needs done.  Get bent!