Everybody has a loss.  It is a part of life.  I can’t explain it nor can you.  It happens.  We don’t have to like it and we can’t change it, but it still happens.  I lost a cousin.  He was also a trusted advisor as he was one of the best welders in this part of the world.  I lost a friend that I liked to BS with about things, nothing, everything.  Sure, I feel this loss.  It is a great loss.  But others lost more.  

      There is a mom and dad that lost yet another son.  No parent should out live a child.  And they dang sure shouldn’t have to lose two.  Throw in some health concerns and other issues and it makes one weak at the knees to see how a set of parents can withstand so much, yet still keep going forward.  I am in awe of people with such strong resilience.  Faith in GOD.  You better have faith that there is a higher plan.  

      Brothers and a sister that have lost another sibling.  Sacrifices have been made to deal with earlier losses, yet previous practice hasn’t made this one easier.  Nieces that looked up to him as a father figure.  A daughter and a son that no longer have a father.  Loved ones that just want their friend back.  The family losses are almost indescribable.  But it goes deeper than that.

      A community lost a valuable member.  Young people lost a mentor.  Employees that no longer have a boss/job.  

For some reason, the screen is blurry.  I have things to say, but the words seem to get tangled up in the keyboard.  There are emotions–anger, despair, dis-belief, hope, even joy knowing that he is in a good place and that he did leave behind a legacy.  I don’t understand why, nor do I have to like it.  But I can hope and pray.