Lone Star Elite

Got home from our little trip to the Lone Star Elite Jackpot in San Angelo. Not a show that was just down the road for us, but well worth the trip. We went to see what it was like and after attending I have a question. Why in the heck have I not been to this show before? My fault, nobody elses.

Extremely well run show. Lots of breeders there supporting kids. Lots of good goats. There wasn’t a goat there that made you go “why would somebody bring that?” Quality from top to bottom. Lots of buckles, jackets, etc. If you have bought a goat from one of the Lone Star breeders, then you MUST go show there. Well worth your trip. Actually, you shoul buy a goat from one of these breeders just so you can go show there. This deal was fun to watch. The mid 70s to mid 80s classes were way tough. Lots of future champions in these weight ranges.

Now, how did we do? It was OK. We took 6 Helms goats. Bree Taylor from SHATTUCK, OK. was grand. Yes, they do things other than win football games in Shattuck. Braden Schovanec was res middle division behind Bree and was the Sr. Champion showman. Halie Schovanec had a 2nd and a 4th and was the Jr. champion showman. Duke had a 2nd and a 10th. Kenneth gave all of his showmen snazzy Helms show goats jackets. Carson Schovanec and Britt Taylor also got jackets. Kenneth is planning on those two being future customers. And after talking to the parents, I’m pretty sure that won’t be a problem. One thing about our crew….we have a large time. This deal isn’t worth doing unless we are all having fun. Yes, we like winning. But more importantly, it is about the kids and the families having fun.

This was a team trip and we did have fun. Found us a new steak house. Met new people. That is the best 10th place that the Kelln’s have ever showed and he should have been 10th. The reserve grand was a little son of a gun, but a good one, maybe a great one. The judge was top shelf. Several times that I didn’t agree with him, but he was very consistent and his reasons are great. I don’t have to agree if I understand why the judge did what he did. That makes it fun.

Excellent weekend. If you can’t tell, I highly recommend it.

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