Lone Star Elite

     We made it to the Lone Star Elite Jackpot in San Angelo this weekend.  This is a really good show with really good goats and a really good payoff.  The quality-top to bottom-is very deep.  There are some really good goats that get sifted.  I have no complaints with the judge as he was pretty consistent and didn’t waste a lot of time.  Sure, there was a place here or there that I would have swapped, but all in all, a job well done.  

      We took a pretty large crew and had a large time.  There might have been a dad or two that got pushed down the slope in the hotel parking lot while riding some sort of platform with wheels and a chair on it.  I don’t know where it came from but Duke and Carson were the inventors.  The Olive Garden did a great job of taking care of this whole crew.  We got our own section of the restaurant.  

     So, how did we do in the show?  Friday night was the showmanship contest.  Braden Schovanec won the sr. division.  Lexi Vanderwork won the intermediate division with Bree Taylor, Dalton Dunkin and Darcy Peach also in the top 5.

    Saturday morning brought the first ever doe show.  Kelly Sweet showed the Grand doe.  The wether show followed.  Braden had the ch. light weight division winner and the res. ch. middle weight div. champ.  His lightweight was reserve grand overall.  We had a pile of wethers in the top 5 of their classes with Braden, Duke, Darcy, Bree, & Lexi all in the top 2 of their classes.  Keep in mind that a class winner pays $1,000 and a 2nd pays $750.  That’s worth the drive down there.  

     There were a lot more Okies there this year and they got along real well.  There were exhibitors from Arkansas, New Mexico and even Ohio, not to mention a lot of Okies and Texans.  Thanks to the breeders that sponsor this show.  It is an extremely tough jackpot show that is worth the effort.  

Next show, Champions Choice jackpot on Dec. 7.  If you have a goat from an eligible breeder, I highly suggest that you attend this show