Lone Star

We came to the lone star elite jackpot. We like this show and still do, but we didn’t fare as well as years past. However, our crew is still leaving with a pile of cash as Scott Comstock won the $10,000 drawing. Good things come to great people. I couldn’t think of a better dude to win the cash. Our krew wasn’t shut out as Haley Schovanec had the res grand doe. We had become accustomed to getting a peice of the wether show. NEXT year. Schneberger looked like a box of 64 craya crayons. I guess his wife buys his clothes. Our kids showed and acted like winners. That’s what it is all about. Kids. And, when driving through Texas, does everybody have to have a big gate entrance, even if they only have 3 acres. Rancho Not So Grande and Rancho Costa Plenti. They all have a big gate and a… Lone star. Welcome to Texas. Nothing wrong with some state pride. Especially since this state has the best highways and some friendly cops.