Local Shows

It is local show day. I don’t understand why anybody would enjoy a local show. Sure, you can tell me how it gets the kids and the animals into the ring and it builds experience. They normally aren’t in the ring but a minute or two at a local. Think of the money spent on plaques and trophies for local shows. I know the first time they win a plaque at the local is a big deal, but give the kids the money and call it good. I despised a local show as an ag teacher and I despise them as a parent. I tried to bribe Tammy and Duke not to go, but they want to. Thankfully, I have to work on this wet Saturday morning. The good thing about a local, it means we’re that much closer to the shows that matter to me–Enid, Woodward and OYE.

Congrats to the Helms crew for raising the grand wether at San Antonio. With a win at a Texas major, the Texans will all be trying to buy Helms goats next year. Good for the sellers, bad for us Okies trying to buy them. Oh well.

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