Local & County Shows

      Why is it hard to find good ag teachers?  I can answer this.  It’s because nobody wants to deal with the low rent showers during local & county stock shows.  The serious showers take care of business and don’t sweat the locals and counties.  But the low rents get all worked up and have to get serious in a hurry.  I mean, hell, they haven’t washed or walked pigs all year, but it is now imperative that we be able to wash & CLIP!  RUSM!  Sheep haven’t had blankets, haven’t been exercised or managed properly, but holy cow, the county is Monday, we need to move them into a heated barn tonight.  Like it will make a difference.  

    Or, we’ve got this heifer, that we got out of the pasture and we have her broke to lead and we were wondering when you were going to clip her.  It’s Saturday, the show is on Monday and you are just now asking me?  Not my problem.  Of course, all of the other cattle in town are at a jackpot show, fitted and ready to roll.  

      It’s a welfare syndrome.  Every low rent shower gets a check at the local and/or county, so let’s play like we are showmen and know what we are doing.  This wouldn’t bother me, except for the fact that almost all of the money raised to fund these local/county shows is raised by a few which are almost always serious show families.  Not the low rent, welfare check grabbers.  

      I’ve taught in different schools, in different counties.  I’ve dealt with shows all across our part of paradise.  It is a widespread problem.  Every town, every county has the same problems.  

      Stock shows should NOT be in the hands of the ag teacher.  Stock shows should be in the hands of the parents.  Buying, entering, all of it should be in the hands of the parents.  

      On another note, I have realized that clipping hogs is not an enjoyable task.  I asked Tyke what he was doing today.  He allowed that Mandy was gone and he had both twins by himself.  I said, “I’ll get a baby sitter for the twins and you can help me clip hogs.”  With a sternness to his voice, he answered, “NO!”  

      Then Schneberger calls to tell me about his next great one that was born that just happens to be sired by Nasty Habit.  He asked, “What are you doing today?”  I said, “Clipping hogs.”  He did the Schenberger laugh and said, “Man, I would rather be kicked in the nuts than have to clip hogs.  Sucks to be you.”

      Babysit twins, kicked in the nuts or clip hogs.  I remember, a short time ago that I only dealt with serious show families.  Yeah, that kick in the nuts doesn’t sound too bad.   At least it was good families and nice hogs that got clipped today.