Livestock Evaluation

      I like to judge livestock.  I like to look, compare, evaluate and run reasons through my head or out loud.  I then bid, buy, agree or disagree with those that are looking at the same stock that I am.  Regardless of species, I like to look at good stock.  

     Which brings us to this evenings 2016 Miss America pageant.  Normally, I could give 2 squirts of goose crap about a beauty pageant.  But, the Dragon Lady told me that Vanessa Williams was going to be a judge.  WOO!  I’m in.  

       Rewind to 1984.  Vanessa Williams was stripped of the 83-84 Miss America title because of some nude pics.  This was big news to a 13 year old male in NW Oklahoma.  Somehow, Lance Helfenbein procured an issue of the magazine that had the nude pics in it.  I don’t need to look at that magazine to remember what I saw.  The images were forever-more burned into my cranium.  And the pics looked good.  At that time, it was disgraceful.  Now, those same pics are called art or an ad.  They really didn’t show much nudity.  But they didn’t hide it either. There-in lies the problem.  Some would say that they were “classical” nude pics.  Whatever?!  That chick was hot then and she is still hot.  

      Here’s the item that I had forgetten.  Vanessa Williams was the first black Miss America.  I still don’t think she is black.  Sure, she oviously has black features and ancestry.  She’s still hot.  In my reasons notes, I probably wouldn’t have jotted down that she was black.  Then or now.  Regardless of the nudity scandal, she has gone on to be the most succesful Miss America.  Movies, TV, Music and Broadway are all listed on her resume.  

     Which now brings us to the next class of fine female evaluation.  I watched and wondered how some of them won their respective states.  Then, I heard one talk.  Then saw her walk and then she sang.  And the bubble note said, “Wants to perform on Broadway.”  I don’t think that will be a problem, as Miss Georgia can bring it with some serious vocal pipes.  I’m real sure that her agent is already in negotiations with people that do Broadway productions.  

      Personally, I thought that this was an easy class winner.  Talent, looks and could talk.  The officals got this class right.  Of course, I am kind of partial to a smoking hot fiery brunette chick.  

    I haven’t been to New York yet.  But when I do, I want to see the 9/11 memorials, the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island, Yankee Stadium and then I want to see The Lion King on Broadway.  They say that it is better than the movie.  Personally, I consider that movie one of the top 10 of all time.        

     Here’s to remembering fond childhood memories and judging good stock.  Cheers!