Little Things

     It’s the little things that make things better.  It’s not that you won the lottery, it’s the little, forgotten fact that you actually BOUGHT a lottery ticket in the first place.  It’s not the fact that you bred a great one.  It’s the oft-forgotten fact that you happened to put the right sire with the right doe, almost 5 months before that future champion was born.  We often forget about the little things that took place that all added up to make a big thing.  

      It is Thursday, which is a good day.  We are a week away from next Thursday (No $h!t), which happens to be Thanksgiving. That is a day for giving thanks.  Not for eating turkey or getting ready for that retarded shopping day that follows.  It doesn’t/shouldn’t matter what day it is…if you have something good going on, stop, bow your head and give thanks for the little things.  Because sometimes, those little things actually are the biggest things in our life.  We just take them for granted and forget how big of a thing (family, kids, faith, freedom, opportunities, etc) we actually have right there, in front of us. 

     Remember, that goat meat is the most eaten meat–world-wide.  I really like to eat goat meat, but I am thankful that I have access to a pork chop,  smoked spare ribs, brisket & turkey and that I can afford a killer good, properly seasoned, almost medium-rare ribeye when I so desire.  

     Excuse me while I hit “save post”.  I’m going to go check on Dirt and Rumour as they perform some tasks, trying to make some “little things”.