Little Things

It doesn’t matter what you are doing in life, it is the little things that add up.

–Tonight, as I strolled through these does, I caught myself having thoughts like:

“If she doesn’t bring much….”

“I should keep her.”

And then, they start acting like female goats.   My attitude went sour in a hurry.

Pick a four letter word.

No, not that one.  A better one.


Speaking of 4 letter words–no, this isn’t the end of the “blog’.  We will still have goats.  The does may not bring much, but it is scary how many people read this dribble that comes out.

As I was pulling a mini hereford calf this afternoon (this doesn’t look anything like the advertisements), I was reminded that it doesn’t matter what you are doing, there are always problems.  However, good help=live calf.  Have I ever mentioned that we have great neighbors?  We do.

It doesn’t matter if you are farming 10 acres, or dealing with 1 horse, or have 3 cows, or 10 goats, or one 17 year old son…..start a day earlier and be prepared to deal with some issues.

Duke, as well as three other great Shattuck FFA members and a couple of bus load of FFA members from OK are attending the Washington Leadership Conference.  I didn’t know about this trip when I was this age.  I was almost 30 before I ever saw our nation’s capitol.  I’m a bit envious of these kids as they make this journey.

True, cool story.   While the kids were loading the bus at Guthrie, OK.   I was standing there talking to several parents including Mike Parrish–better known as Taylor Parrish’s dad.   Yes, we were talking goats and mullets.

Two kids asked for the bus to be unloaded.  And it was.  These two, freshly graduated high school kids, that are now serving as OK state FFA officers, circled a bus load of kids, hand in hand (parents included) and said a prayer.  We might have missed church in order to meet this bus, but we did not miss a chance to feel the power.  Awesome moment.  I may be an old crusty fart with a bad right eye but I know good when I see it.  Even if it was just a little thing.


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