little stuff THAT…..

can REALLY piss one smooth off.

Granted….none of this stuff really measures up in the high importance scale of bad things that can happen.  They are just things that can set one off.


–cell phone usage when you’ve been warned (numerous times) —Yeah, I might have taken one from a student and tossed it across the room–today.  I had warned him that the next time that I take it, that I will torch it.  I haven’t torched it…. yet, but…his attitude going forward will determine the phone (and maybe his future fate as part of the Shattuck FFA).  Parents have been contacted and I have full permission to do as need be.


–KNOWING that you hit send on a text but then hours later realizing that those words are just hanging there in text land waiting….waiting….waiting…..

I’m getting bad at this.


—shaking a mustard bottle to prevent that clear ooze from squirting onto the bread.  BUT NOOOOOO!!!  That clear, nasty ooze still squirts out, so you now shake the mustard bottle harder, up/down and then left/right. Viciously.  It’s not that you want rid of the clear ooze.  You JUST don’t want to see it.  It’s all good if it is mustard yellow.  But clear?!?!  HECK NO!!!  Not on my hot dog/sandwich/burger/brat.


—reaching into a 3 gallon jug of homemade/altered UTZ stuff looking for just one more pork rind that is so hot that it almost hurts to eat it, but you have to have one more to keep the burn going.  Cheese ball–no.  Pretzel–no.  Crackers–no.  Dang it!  There were more pork rinds in here.  WITH? Happened to all the pork rinds?  DUKE?????!!!!!!

“Yeah, Dad?”

“What happened to all the pork rinds in this mix?”

“Dad, they are so hot that I couldn’t quit eating them.  They are awesome.”

Well crap. I agree.  If I ever open a bar, Kevin and Katie are going to be making this cracker/pretzel mix to keep in bowls–free to patrons.  Consumption will go way up.  We might even charge for water.  You can’t stop and you will need a drink or twelve.


I haven’t watched any pro football games, but I did watch Ryan Fitzpatrick’s post game interview.  That was classic.


My wether currently weighs 58 pounds.  Can you tell me what he will weigh at OYE on March 19?

Beings as how I don’t know the genetics of your wether, what feed you are feeding, your barn conditions, exercise program, blanket usage, worming protocol or feed additives being used, I guess that I will deduce that your wether will weigh about 59 pounds on March 19.  I don’t know.  Just guessing.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.



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