I go to the east pen and check babies and does.  Guess what?  A baby is limping.  4 weeks old, no prior problems.  Last week, Sessions go to wean their goats.  Guess what?  A 9 week old keeper buck kid is limping.  Carrying a hind leg.  No prior problems.  

      What is the common denominator?  Does.  Mature does.  Think about it.  Every farm you go to look at goats has got young goats limping.  Why?  Mature does.  They destroy panels, metal barns, feeders, each other and therefore, it so no stretch of the imagination that they will plow over a kid that comes in their circle.  No matter how long they have lived in the same pen, they will still head butt a kid, other does, and stationary objects.  

     The south pen has 8 does with kids.  I can’t put any other does or kids in this pen.  It is like a pen full of piranhas.  If you go in there, you know somethings going to get hit.  It is an 11 wire barbed wire pen with an electric fence on the inside.  This keeps them from destroying the fence.  However, the pipe tubing gates that were new in July are beat to hell.  The tin on the shed in this pen gets beat like Rodney King.  I’ve seen one of these piranhas just stand there and repeatedly bang her head into the tin.  

     Bucks–they rub a lot, and can flat wear a panel or fence post out but that’s it.  Kids don’t tear stuff up.  

     Does.  I don’t like them; but I haven’t figured out how to have kids without them.