Things that I really like.

I like getting the mail and there are checks for me, in the mail.  Check for the recips at the Perry sale barn.  YES!!  Patronage checks.  Like free money.  Checks for goat semen.  Makes me want to sell some more.  With all of the modern emails, wire transfers, texts, etc.  It is hard to replace that feeling of getting something in the mail, like a check, that you can put your hands on it and say, “It’s mine!”

I like the completion of a county show.  Now, it is time to get serious.  Low rent?  Not now, it’s all business.  

I like seeing kids do well and improving.  Work it right up to the show that counts and try to peak there.  When it works, I like it a lot.  

I like snow days.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, there is just something cool about “No School”.