Like Willie..

I was on the road again. I know Memorial Day is normally for lakes and BBQs, but I had places to be.  I ventured into eastern Oklahoma.  It was an excellent trip.  I saw some good goats.  I enjoyed the scenery.  I’m way in on the smoked goat bologna.  I’ll go back. However, I did check for ticks.  

I know that this one is short, but I am road weary, sick of looking at a computer screen and I’ve got a 1st timer that is supposed to be kidding.  Oh, it rained here again.  Only a 1/2″, but with several feet of wind.  Nothing like cleaning out a couple hundred pounds of wet feed out of a feeder.  More to come later about this trip.  A lot more–I did see the best NO eared goat that I have ever seen.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.