Like Whitesnake

Here we go again!   Another arctic blast.  I have never wanted to live in the Dakotas or the frozen tundra of Canada and these blasts remind me why.  And to top it off, Tammy’s favorite son forgot to drain a hose yesterday.  Guess who got to bucket water this evening?  Not me.

The wethers are warm and once again I am reminded why I did not breed any does to kid until sometime after Groundhog Day.

We planted a little bit of wheat back in August.  We had good moisture at the time and therefore got a stand.  And since then, it hasn’t gotten a drop of rain on it.  And the forecast doesn’t look good.  So, I let Duke open a gate  yesterday and turned cows and calves out on it.  Might as well get something out of it.  The doe pasture is smooth.  They have even eaten the turnips.  Not just the tops, but the globes as well.

Congrats to all of the winners at Denver last week.  From all accounts, it sounds like there were several good ones on the top end.  Denver just isn’t a show that we budget into our schedule.  It makes very little sense for an Okie or Texan to haul a good one up there unless you are committed to winning it.  If you aren’t a ch or reserve division, then those goats get shoved out the door, into the cold and then hauled off.  We just try to make sure we have some ready for our county, Woodward District and OYE.

I’ve got a crew of boys that think that they want to try the Dairy Foods CDE.  And when you have over a 100 kids in class, you make it into an event.  So, we went shopping and bought a pile of cheese.  It has been an educational event thus far–for students and teacher alike.  I didn’t realize that I knew what Ricotta was…but yes, I recognized it as the stuff in lasagna.  Gouda—as in it ain’t very gouda to taste or smell.  Feta is now forevermore known as Foot cheese as it smells like a dirty foot.  And the surprising one is Swiss.  I’ve had it on sandwiches but not by itself.  I now refer to it as BOB cheese as it reminds me of a Bucket Of Butt.  And no, we don’t have any Fomunda cheese.

Blue or Bleu cheese is just what I expected–funky.  My Dad loves high quality bleu cheese–Cashel and Maytag are two that I have heard him brag about.  I like Muenster.  The kids love sharp cheddar, Provolone and queso fresco.  They were amazed at the hardness of Parmesan and the softness of Mozzarella.  A couple of these kids may need a laxative after the 15 different varieties that they tried multiple times sets up.

Sunday afternoon was very nice.  So I spent it helping a student with some steers, checked in on another one that was washing heifers and some other kids that were working barrows and gilts.  Tammy and Duke helped me with some beginning goat showmen.  Then I came home to trim hooves on some doe kids for an old pro.  I would say that it is about to get busy, but dang, lets be real.  It stays busy.  I don’t know if I get anymore done, but I seem to stay busier.

Stay warm.  Take care of the stock.  Keep calm.  And have a good one.  Oh yeah, and a better tomorrow.


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