Like Bill & Ted’s

This was an EXCELLENT weekend.  I needed to go pick up some pigs.  But, I found an excellent person that was going and was willing to make arrangements and get these shoats picked up and brought to Shattuck.  EXCELLENT!

So, this freed me up to actually get some of my own crap done.  And the weather cooperated.  Filled feeders, checked stock and then made plans for the afternoon.  I was in full Kelln wardrobe on Saturday.  Shorts, shoes and a cap.  I was almost over-dressed.  Duke and I decided to replace a couple of hydrants.  Both of these freeze proof hydrants froze up last winter.  And the calendar says that it is about time to start freezing again.  The first one was a simple deal.  The next one–not so much.  We uncovered a plumbing nightmare.  Three different size pipes in the same hole.  It is fixed now.  And the amazing thing, Duke and I working together, with plumbing problems and there wasn’t a fight.  Nothing.  Heck, it was excellent.

With me actually being home, I got to check in with the neighborhood watch patrol.  Excellent conversations.  I saw a cool heifer and I learned about a new way to contract the stupidity disease.

Saturday night found me plopping down in front of the tv.  I knew the pokes were playing on the tube but I was afraid to check the score.  Wait, what?  JEEMINY!  I was scared to keep watching.  It was still early but the pokes were winning big.  So, I flipped channels.  Oh wow!  On ABC, I could watch Okie State beat the longhorns. On CBS, I could watch the Fighting Irish beat on Navy.  And on FOX, I could watch the Red Sox.  That is an almost perfect night of sports for me.  The only way it could have been better is if the Cardinals were playing the Red Sox in the series.

Duke and I made it to Mass on Sunday morning.  Then we worked stock.  He had to go feed at the vet clinic and when he got back, we drove to Crawford, OK to peruse the offering of Kris Black’s sale.  Dude(s), the weather was absolutely perfect on this fine evening.  Duke & I went from pen to pen, studying bulls, the sale catalog and a couple of heifers.  He and I did not want the sun to set.  We walked the pens.  We didn’t drive the golf carts as it was just so dang nice.  It was excellent.

I hope that you all had an excellent weekend and a glorious tomorrow.

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