Lights, Ramps & Push Ups

Why is it that trailer lights will work when hooked to this pickup but not another?  Brakes as well.  You would think that every trailer plug would be wired universally.

Speaking of trailers, I can argue that the ramp is the worst livestock accessory…EVER.  First, it is always in the way when you need to load.  Two, they add weight to the back of a trailer, catch & hold wood chips which in turns makes the doors harder to close.  And maybe most importantly, as ramps have become more and more popular for show stock trailers, the animals have become more and more unsound.  Especially pigs and cattle.

I may have had a trailer ramp incident this weekend.  Before we pulled out, I asked the 8th graders that had put their goats on the trailer, “Are the ramps up?”   Of course, the answer was “Yes.”  Several miles down the highway, I get a text, “You are dragging your ramps.”   Yes, I was and am still pissed.

I attended a sheep and goat jackpot this past weekend.  This completes my month of all species jackpots.  Now, the county show then Woodward District followed by the marathon known as OYE.

Towards the end of the sheep show, I was talking to Colt Randall.  Colt is one of the premier sheep showmen in the state.  Wicked good.  Real good kid from a good family.  His family was there with their show team.  A teenage boy that was traveling with them was in the ring showing.  This boy’s sheep got loose from him.  The boy gathered his lamb and still won his class.  When he came out of the ring into the holding pen, Colt hollered at him, “Hey, you owe 10 push ups.”  The boy shook his head, handed his lamb to his dad and dropped right there in the wood chips and did 10 push ups.  The other kids and the parents were all laughing, counting em down and cheering him on.  I loved it!

Have a good one.

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