Light Saber

Without argument, the coolest weapon to ever grace the big screen.

No, I do not have one that will actually cut.   I wish.  Dang it!  But, I do have one that looks and sounds like the real deal.

And then, Christmas Eve arrived.  It is a well documented fact that Christmas Eve is MY favorite night of the year.  Why?

Simple.  Christmas Eve mass in Shattuck.  Then, wicked, good food & drink at John Q & Deborah Ann’s house.  Family, including some uncles taking part in the festivities.

For most years, our parents try to get all 3 sons the same present.  All 3 of us would be happy with a can of blue diamond smoked almonds (aaa-monds or aLLmonds)  IDK     Does it matter?   I love those things.

This year, all 3 boys got a damn stick.  Seriously, a stick.  They got us a Shillelagh.  Yeah.  Search the spelling.  I dare you.  Try—-Irish beating stick.  Wikipedia will bring up “Shillelagh”.   This year wasn’t up to par as 1/3 of us was dealing with the rona crap.  We couldn’t get all of us together.

Our parents got the 3 Kelln boys a perfect gift.  What u say?   Irish Light Saber.    Mom and Dad got them from Ireland.  Every time, I walk past this thing, I have to grab it and walk through the house with it.  It fits… Perfect.  Now, even the lesser brothers have a proper Irish Light Saber.

Since you obviously have spare time, read up on how a shillelagh is made and their purpose.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.


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