I know that sometimes, I can sound like I despise a lot in life.  I also realize that I can be hard to take, at times, in real life or on here.  But then, you get to know me.  And you realize quickly that I am all about work hard and play hard.  It’s genetic, but I’m probably worse then the rest of them.  Help your neighbors.  When, it is all over for me, I hope people can look at the body of work, shake their head and go “Dang, that dude had fun and got some crap done!”

     I don’t have lofty goals.  I don’t want to be president (although I would be better than the crap we have had for awhile and my cabinet would be way better at doing interviews on tv.  I mean, secretary of state Big I or head of the NSA Tommy Milligan).  I don’t care about being rich or famous.  Although, I did want to be the Pope at one point.  But, I realized that probably wasn’t going to work out for me or the Catholic church.  First of all, I hope that people can look at my kids and go, “Wow, he and his wife raised some really good kids.”  I’d be done at that point.  What else do you need to do in life other than to leave better people behind?  It also wouldn’t bother me to read a statement that says, “For an a-hole, he was a really nice, helpful person.”

     What is good with life on this Friday evening?  I have a good job, good hobbies, good friends and an even better family.  We are one day closer to the next rain.  I have the opportunity to do something fun tomorrow.  I can help somebody achieve their goals tomorrow.  

     Of course, I have to go to work tomorrow morning and I deal with goats.  So there is a chance that life won’t be worth two squirts of owl crap.  No matter what, stay flexible but not limp.