That 100% chance of rain for Woodward & Major counties amounted to less than 1/10th and that is being generous. I like Channel 9. Don’t know why, but I do. I don’t think that Gary England or Jed Castles lie to us, but sometimes I wonder. Maybe they do, just to get our hopes up. I hear a lot of hot women say that Jed is a good looking son-of-gun. He can’t be as he wears glasses, isn’t 6′ tall, is starting to get gray haired and he doesn’t know when it will rain again anymore than I do.

If you aren’t putting blankets on wethers by now, then you are behind the proverbial 8 ball. Just because you haven’t sheared yet, doesn’t mean that they will stay warm. Remember, a boer goat originated in South Africa. That is a hot climate. Their hair does not have any insulating value. If you need a jacket when you go outside, your wethers need a blanket. The colder it gets the more layers they need.

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