Let’s go to Vegas!

I have hardly ever won a drawing.  I did win a red 5 gallon bucket at an NRA event several years back.  However, the person to my left, the person to my right and the person across the table from me all won a gun.  So, I cherish that red 5 gallon bucket with a screw on lid.

Lately, my luck has changed.  Monday, Feb. 4, I bought a $100 raffle ticket for the football boys effort to pay for their state championship rings.  I actually bought the last ticket.  That night, I won a $1,000.

After Mass this morning, I was perched on a porcelain throne and decided to pull up Facebook.  A new online venture called ChampionXchange had a promo going that if you liked the photo, liked their page AND shared it, you would be entered in a drawing for 4 sirloin steaks.

ChampionXchange is a livestock marketing platform that utilizes social media to sell some animals.  I like the concept.  The entrepreneur behind this venture is a family friend, whom also happens to be a former student from Waynoka, Clark Bixler.

I bet you guessed by now, I won some steaks.  I guarantee he was hoping it would be somebody that may or may not actually get the steaks.  But I will make him deliver them to me.

I need to get off of here and go buy a lottery ticket, or a plane ticket to Vegas and see if the dice are rolling hot.

It is county stock show season in Oklahoma.  Good luck, have fun and remember, it is supposed to be fun.

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