Let me tell you….

about my last day or two.  I should have gone and bought lottery tickets as lucky as I have been.  First of all, I left work on Friday to come home, load the popper and head to Waynoka to pickup a Poe goat.  Before, I left work, I told Caleb, “I’m leaving to do this so that I can be here at the store in the morning.  Caleb said, “I want to work tomorrow.”  Jackpot.  The boss was not going to argue with the employee on this subject.  It is reasons like this that I hire good people.  My weekend just got real good.  

     I got home and Dad was effing stuff up.  I watched some of this, kind of like an exhibit at the zoo.  I mean, you can look, watch and wonder, “Is an animal supposed to be able to do that?”   When, the proverbial beach ball went flat, I then went about doing chores.  Poe called and said “I’m headed to Woodward in an hour or so, do you want me to bring this goat to you?”  Hell yes, saved me a couple of hours driving.  I did that meet up and headed back.  Unloaded, chores done, nobody at home,….what to eat?  

     Tyke bought a Traeger grill and was giving it the maiden voyage.  So I headed west to eat some high quality free food.  It was way good, although, some might have been a bit salty.

     I didn’t hold any babies (goats or twin humans).  But I did hang out with the hot chicks while the rest of them hung outside wasting oxygen.  I even killed a tarantula with my new cap.  

      I did the un-thinkable this morning.  I didn’t leave the house until 8 am.  Why?  One, I didn’t have to be anywhere.  Two, they changed the Law & Order schedule up and played some other damn useless program from 8-9 am.  Anyways, I got piles of stuff done for the next couple of hours.  Then,  royalty showed up to the house.   THE Mr. & Mrs. Big I showed up at the Kelln Kompound to complete a goat delivery.  I didn’t know that Big I could leave Noble county.  He brought me a goat that had been missing his bottom lip due to sore mouth.  This goat was skinny as a crack addict, but otherwise looked good.  They then headed east in a hurry, like two teenagers trying to sneak off.  Then more people showed up.  Then more, then more.  Goats started leaving to good homes.  I love it.  

      Sasha, the corgie, decided to anhilate a baby rabbit den.  I didn’t know that she could be so vicious.  It was her natural instincts taking over, but none of us wanted to witness this deal.  All I could think about was Elmer Fudd in a vking helmet, singing in an operatic tone,  “To kill the wabbitt, to kill the wabbitt…”

     Then, little brother, Big D showed up to drink beer and to look at people looking at goats.  We got done with the goats and I met him, his wife and daughter at Charlie’s for a steak dinner.  Way good.  Let me tell you… this has been a killer good weekend and tomorrow will only be better.  

On another note:  on thursday morning, while looking at the chive, I watched a video of a bagpipe player, in a kilt, while sporting a mohawk and wearing high heel boots play ac/dc thunderstruck with flames coming out of the bagpipe.  I WANT his job.  Check it out on youtube.  The Badpiper.