Learning Again–hit refresh

I do think that everyone of us should RE-learn things.  Or, at least RE-fresh.

I know in the goat world, there are things that I don’t deal with on a daily basis.  example 1–Kids born with bluish-waterish eyes—Oh snap!  What was that stuff Jodi Seelke uses for this?  I text the expert, get a reply–“Quartermaster”.  Oh yeah, we have some of that in a drawer in the house–from the last time I asked her.  And if you scroll back in my texts, there is the same conversation from two years ago.  At least I can remember who I should ask.


Basically, Sunday church services are nothing but a refresher course.  But, I have no problem missing, say, the last Sunday in June service.  Even though I do not have a clue what the sermon will cover on the last Sunday in June.  However, I don’t miss Easter or Christmas services, even though I can dang neart recite the scripture for those services.  You can too.  It’s those little messages, lectures, sermons and day2day that we need a pump up speech.


Today, I got myself a refresher course.  A course, of which, I was not planning to enroll.  I hadn’t welded in a couple of months.  Since then, I have gotten a new prescription for glasses.  These glasses, although NOT bifocals, have a transition line.  And this line is precisely wear I have looked at the arc through a helmet for 37 years.  So, I now have to learn to look through the bottom part of the glasses or the top but not both.  And I had to change all of the adjustments for my helmet.  And my first weld looked like a beginning freshman.  And reading a level was different.  I did not want this refresher course.  But I got it.


And I probably needed it.  I was taught to weld on an old Forney plug in arc welder by my Grandpa Kelln when I was 11 years old.  I don’t know what rod that I used.  But I welded.  He could roll dimes and it took me some practice.  Yes, later, I had an ag mechanics class in high school.  I grabbed a MIG welder and that seemed easy.  Point, squirt and don’t burn holes.  College ag mech classes were designed for people that had never welded, so I slid right on by because I could burn rod, run beads and weld steel.  I just wasn’t shown how to do it properly.  I learned to weld about the same way that I learned about goats.  Get in and go.  If that didn’t work, do something different till it works.


I have done a good job of teaching kids to properly weld with stick or MIG.  After today, I realize that I can do a better job of teaching welding.  I had to adjust my eye line, how I watch the arc gap, the puddle and my speed.  In my head, with the bluetooth speaker blaring, I had to talk myself through it.  I’m back on point I might even watch some youTube videos to see if my own personal refresher course was good enough.


Shout out to the power of small towns and the power of the internet.  Last Sunday, I had to wait on some families to get home so I could nominate stock for Tulsa.  They texted that they were home, so I jumped in the ag pickup to do my duties.  I headed towards Fargo and the fuel light came on.  So, I whipped into the only quick stop in town.  I pumped 33 gallons of diesel and headed in to pay.  Except, I did not have my wallet.  So, the store owner wrote me up a charge ticket.  Can’t hardly do that in those big towns.  Amazon isn’t going to do that either.


Today, I stopped into that store to pay the charge.  While there, I stopped and BSed with a neighbor or three.  One of which had recently been in a drunk fight that I had not heard about.  Glad I wasn’t there for that deal.  Another one jumped me about not writing very many blogs.  I explained that my internet service sucks but that I would try to do a better job going forward.


I just got a refresher course that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Dragon Lady grilled ribeye steaks, corn on the cob, ranch style beans and rolls with…..hunh…..yep….you know it…..honey drizzled on every bite of that roll.  Judging from the way my pants fit, I need to miss a couple of these meals and make it to more church services.


I learned a lot on this fine day.  I hope you learn a pile tomorrow.  Have a good one.


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