Lead Singer

Van Halen has always been a favorite band of mine.  I got to see Van Hagar live but not Van Halen.  I liked both versions.  I also liked the original lead singer when he was with Van Halen and some of his solo stuff after Van Halen.  One of his solo hits was a simple little ditty that just happened to be all acoustic.  It was a song called “Damn Good!” Some could argue that David Lee Roth was one of the best front men of all time.  I won’t say that he was the best, but I could argue it.

Tonight, as I sit here sampling this years fresh delivery of chex mix, the term that comes to mind is “Damn Good!”   One could even think “Best ever!”   Brandon the Bruce makes a wicked mean chex mix.  I mean wicked good!  And this years version is unique.  I noticed something, new, different, yep, sure enough—that is a salad crouton in the mix.  Heck of a deal.  Different, but it works.

Now back to that Van Halen concert.  It was uneventful.  Well behaved.  But, the best drum solo that I ever witnessed was Alex Van Halen.  The best guitar solo that I ever witnessed was Eddie Van Halen.  Oh, he also played the best keyboard solo that I have seen.  The best act as a solo by a lead singer was Sammy Hagar playing his own stuff plus some un-released Van Hagar tunes.  And then the absolute best bass guitar solo was played by Michael Anthony.  Other than Gene Simmons, what bass player ever gets a solo.  His solo (Michael Anthony not Han Solo)  led right into the opening bass line thumping of “Why can’t this be love?”  Dudes, back in 1986, that was the song that I waited for on the radio.  No, there was no cool tie to a hot chick.  I just dug that tune.  It was and still is damn good.

It is that time of year when one just bundles up, puts the ear buds in, plays some tunes and goes about the chores of feeding stock and filling water tanks.  Dump some cake to the cows, put hay in feeders and plan on spending money knowing it will be several months until the next sale of stock.  Listening to a damn good tune and eating some damn good chex mix helps one cope.

“Right now”, I’m going to “jump” from this keyboard, even though I wish that I was in “Panama”.  “I’ll wait” until I can have the “best of both worlds”.  And I think I’ll just stop because I am drawing blanks on how to tie “poundcake”, “hot for teacher” and “why can’t this be love” into….wait, maybe I just did.


Dudes, have a good one.

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