Last Night

I need to fill several orders for several good feeding families. So I ventured to Pfeiffer’s to hopefully get some bought. The top end was way good, but after 8 or 9 goats, I didn’t see very many that I wanted. I thought lot #3 was very good. Couldn’t afford him. Had a couple of bargains marked. We got two of them bought, 2 others weren’t bargains as it turned out. Big Bill and I were way into a goat way down sale order, last one. Bill was prepared to give some money, I was prepared to give more. Holy jeeminy, we didn’t even get to bid. At least that goat went to a good home. We may get beat by him, may not. Just because somebody spent a pile doesn’t mean that the show is over. That’s what makes this game fun. Hats off to the Pfeiffer’s on another succesful sale. That family does know how to get things done.

I help a lot of families with their goats. Because I am a retard, I don’t charge them. But that may change. Too many of them want to show up to the sales and bid. I don’t care of they are there watching, but when they start bidding it complicates things. It is hard to buy wethers, when you have 4 or 5 dads trying to bid on goats. It is almost impossible to keep people from bidding against each other and tripping over themselves. Then some want to buy goats on their own without advice. It is hard enough to buy the right ones to begin, it is even harder when somebody buys something that you know doesn’t have a chance. I don’t have time to work with animals that aren’t going to work. A common animal takes just as much time and money to feed and get ready. Start with one that has a chance.

As it turns out, I still need several wethers. Just more money left to spend at the Best of the West sale.

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