When Tammy and I first got married, she couldn’t cook anything but lasagna.  A whole big dang pan of lasagna.  She would cook it on Sunday.  It was good.  Real good.  I would heat it up again on Monday.  By Tuesday, I needed a break and so I made a sandwich.  Wednesday, I would reheat another chunk of lasagna.  Then I didn’t touch it again.  And by Friday, it had penicillin growing on it. So we would chunk what was left.  Then, on Sunday, she cooked again….guess what….Lasagna.  It was a vicious circle until she tried some other recipes that didn’t work out.  That is another story.  Even though she tried to burn me out on lasagna, I still like the stuff.  Noodle, ricotta, meat, sauce, noodle, ricotta, meat, sauce…..I’m getting hungry thinking about it.

Tonight, (no lasagna for me) as I stroll through Facebook, I see that some dude in perrydise is now promoting his buck….Lasagna.  It kind of pisses me off.  Why?  Let me tell you.

I made a couple of tours through Texas and Oklahoma in the summer of ’15.  I looked at wethers and bucks all across the land.  I went dang neart every week for a couple of months.  I hauled his dumb ass with me on one of these trips.  I drove every mile.  One of the stops was outside of Hico, Tx.  Kevin Mock’s place after dark.  We looked at some bucks that were to later become Blacklist and Hammertime.  During that stop, Milligan ends up buying this Henkhaus doe.  He brings her home and breeds her to Frank the Tank.

To thicken the plot, you need to know that I wanted to buy Frank the Tank.  One eyed, one nutted, wide based, huge backed, assed and big ribbed.  My kind of deal.  NO!  He wouldn’t sell.  Now, he has a kid out of Frank and the doe that I drove him to buy.  I see the kid last year out of this mating.  “Dude, what’s that?”

“Just some deal layered in goodness.”  WTF?!  “You wanna sell him?”

He replies, “He ain’t a wether!”  No $h!t  “I want him with his nuts in him.”  Can’t do it.  Why?

He replies, “I’m not real good at sharing.  I just want him for myself.”  Insert a lot of 4 letter words and there is the basis of the conversation between myself and my “friend” Tommy Milligan about the buck now known as Lasagna.  I wanted to name him something with change because he could change a dairy goat into a wining show wether.  I thought that I had a pretty good track record with buying and selecting bucks.  But, NOOOOO!   Like a bad prom night, that’s all I could get.  NO!

He didn’t keep him hid last summer.  But you had to be in Perry to know about him.  I’ve handled a lot of good ones.  Some of the best ever.  Not all of them.  But a lot of them.  This one is one of the roundest ribbed, squarest racked, widest & flattest loins on a goat that I have ever handled.  Throw in a monster ass with plenty of bone and enough look to make you want to buy more does. (Well, maybe not more than one or two)  And just like a pan of lasagna, you can’t appreciate him until you have your hands on him.   Fork that deal and wait for it to cool down.  NO, he wasn’t for sale.  Then I tried to lease him.  NO!  Stingy bastard!    He was like Gollum with his precious!  MINE!  Now, finally, he is offering semen on him.  My luck has been crap but I have to wrestle with the decision of buying semen or wishing that I would have.  I ain’t buying any of it.  It’s a matter of principle.  But…I would partner with someone.

So, just like the pans of lasagna back in 1992, I really like it, but I can get a bit pissy about it.  But, I still want some of it.   This business.  Have a good day and a better tomorrow.  Guess what’s for lunch tomorrow?

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