Labor Day Weekend

    Wow!  What a weekend!  It was a good weekend, but I am glad it is over.  These events take a lot of effort to setup, handle and then the cleanup.  We had a large crowd at the house Sunday evening.  A large time with lots of really good food.  There were piles of crustacean carcasses left from the shrimp and crawdads.  Several people got to try Duke’s purple taters for the first time. 

     The Best of the West sale was on Monday.  It was a success.  We sold 60 head of wethers and doe kids to Oklahoma, Texas, Kanas and California.  Again, we had a really good crowd.  There were a lot of really good goats that were in the money.  The brisket dinner must have been very good as there was not any left.  It smelled good and I was told by a lot of people that it was really good.  We had a huge amount of exceptional help and as a result, the sale went very smooth.  Thanks to all that helped and to those that attended the sale.