Kuhl Stuff

Years ago, I met a guy with the last name of Kuhl.  I first thought that his nickname was Cool, then I realized that he was another damn German with a Kuhl surname.  That Kuhl dude is how I came about Mike Halfmann (another damn German) and the 911 genetics….which is where Rainman came from.  Kuhl!

The Woodward Elks puts on a helluva rodeo.  It is a big one and draws a lot of people.  They work year-round to promote this event.  It is a big deal for NW OK.  I like a rodeo but it isn’t a big thing on my list.  However, while doing the John Deere gig, I dealt with the Elks and the rodeo a lot.  And several customers were big into this rodeo deal.  So, I paid attention.

One of the really cool things that takes place to kick-off rodeo week is the longhorn drive.  They literally drive a herd of about a 100 head of longhorn cattle from north of Woodward on hwy 34, cross the river bridge, then cross the railroad tracks and take a left onto Main St. Woodward then they head east down Main St. at noon.  The streets are lined with onlookers.  LOTS and LOTS of kids with parents and grandparents.  Dude, it’s pretty cool!

I have seen this parade before.  One of my favorite customers and a cool dude in his own right, Cody Sander, is the boss that owns and ramrods this drive.  He and his crew take these longhorns to numerous rodeos in the midwest.  But, I did not realize that the Dragon Lady had not witnessed it.  So, we went to WW and ate a late breakfast at the Polly Anna cafe (always looking for an excuse for a blueberry pancake).  Then we went to Boiling Springs State Park.  Why?  I found out that she had never actually seen the “boiling springs” of the Boiling Springs State Park.  I hadn’t been there in years and I am glad that we made the stop.  Hunh! It was still cool.

Then, we ventured back to WW and grabbed our spot to see them drive these cattle right into town.  I don’t care how many times you’ve seen it…it’s still cool!  I felt like a little kid as I got to wave at several of my friends that were horseback with this herd.  There was at least one past OK state officer riding.  Six to seven foot wide horns coming within inches of…dude, it’s cool.

As we left, I thought about all of the kids that were making memories.  For some, maybe a lot of them, this is their connection to agriculture.  That isn’t a bad deal if they google cattle drives and learn about how this part of the world was built.

Every town should have some cool event that ties back to their heritage.  It makes it cool!

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