kuhl enuff 4 me

March 7.  That was the last time that I had a hair cut.  I’m not a prideful person when it comes to my hair.  I still have it.  It is getting grayer and grayer.  I have more than my YOUNGER brothers which is further proof that I am genetically superior.  I needed a haircut as it was getting so thick that a cap didn’t fit properly.

So, I went to get my haircut this afternoon.  I looked at the old dachshund across the fence as I parked and then walked past that fence to go into Snips in Shattuck, America.  He is a cantankerous old dachshund.  Maybe we are kindred spirits.

The lady that cuts my hair now, also used to cut it back in the 80s and early 90s.  And now, she cuts my hair and Duke’s.  Cool chick.  She has talked to me about animal chiropractors, laser therapy, different vets, animal drugs, etc.  Not your usual, but kuhl conversation stuff while getting a haircut over the past several years.

I left the haircut and headed to the chiropractor for this hip deal.  I got squared away to get worked on and then told the Doc,   “I just saw one of your clients at my last stop.”

She asked, “Did they say good things?”

I said, “Heck, he was loud but I didn’t understand one thing that he said.”

She said, “Why not?”

Me:   “Dang Doc.  I was just getting a haircut and that damn dachshund was acting like I was invading his space.”

Her:   “OH MY goodness!  Did you see Peanut?   YES!  He is a favorite!   He was one of my first animal patients.”

I now drink a lot of water.  No mountain dew. And I am taking advice from somebody that deals with a bad attitude dachshund.   Cool enough for me.

Buck prices are off.  Yes, yes they are.  Semen prices are about where they need to be.  Until somebody can do a consistent job of settling does, this stuff doesn’t need to be high.  Of course, there are a few select bucks that are worth more.  The other 99.5% of the bucks in the industry need to be where somebody can gamble a few bucks in order to make a Kuhl one.  I’ll keep offering HIGH quality swimmers and genetics and I don’t care what it brings.  There ought to be a guarantee with that stupid high dollar stuff.  If motility isn’t high, it shouldn’t bring that much.  But, I have seen the movie “Tommy Boy” (LOVE IT) and I remember the brake pad guarantee speech.

I’m just having fun with some proven genetics, some genetics that I shouldn’t have and a couple of bad ass female goats.  It is all just kuhl enuff 4 me.  Anymore would make us relevant.

It is time to evaluate current career situations.  I am 5 years into a 1 year agreement.  I served my tour of duty.  Cool.  The Dragon Lady likes what she is doing.  Maybe I can just live off of her paycheck….NOPE!  I asked her if that was okay.  Not cool.

If you dare, read this crap and realize that I feel a bit cocky cuz I just got a fresh haircut.  That dachshund and I are both old but getting on down the road.  I’ve got a job that I wasn’t looking for (nor was anybody else looking for this job).  I like a lot about this job.  But……..

Van Halen is playing Panama on the tunes.  The days are counting down to Duke’s graduation.  Tammy and I properly raised a pair of kids.  I do not owe anybody, a thing, in the goat game.  We do not owe anybody in the ag teaching/FFA game.  We can walk away and feel good about what we have done.  The future looks bright for all.

Now comes a weekend of state CDE contests, state speaking finals, then state FFA convention next week and some people that are having a hard time understanding why I can’t be here to show bucks or why I can’t drive 7 hours roundtrip to deliver a buck to some damn place that is not on any beaten path.

Can U Tell that I am getting some texts that are changing my mood?

All in all, it is cool enough 4 me.


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