Kids…not goat kids, but our kids.  That is the actual business that we are in.  Tammy and I only have 2 kids of our own.  

1–Kela, who has now traveled to 6 different contintents and thankfully, is back on U.S. soil….again.  She sent text pics of her visiting a national “shrine”.  Not a religious shrine,  although, I am REAL sure that there has been many prayers, names used in vain, and other phrases used in this “shrine”.  Nonetheless, I am jealous, as I have not yet been to this place.  This kid is chasing her own dream.  As parents, we are just happy to be watching this play unfold.  It is unreal.  She is pursuing the American dream.  And ours.  Every parent wants their kid to be better than themselves. 

2–Duke, who really doesn’t like to leave a 3 or 4 county area, is doing just fine.  Hauling square bales of hay, farming, processing goats, checking heifers, etc. etc.  This one isn’t going to win a heisman trophy or a valedictorian scholarship, but I’m not worried about him.  I watch some news channels and think, “Our country is headed straight to hell.”  Then, I watch a kid like Duke, and think,. “B.S.  We are just fine.  The media and our government is screwed.  Get those dumb bastards out of the way and let the workers take over.”  This kid understands the value of a dollar, an hours work and a job well done.  He won’t be on welfare or food stamps.  He’ll always have a job, pay taxes, vote and he understands the 2nd amendment.  Basically, he upholds the principles that this country was founded upon.  And is, therefore, unlike those ass clowns that take up oxygen in washington d.c.  

I typed a lot.  But then realized that I couldn’t hit submit.  The vocal version is better.  

I like our kids.  I like your kids.  I like them all way better than these skid marks that we have as politicians in D.C.  This is me being nice. I’m done.