Kick back

…and think.  Close your eyes, ease the seat back and think about the best tasting meal…….dessert……food…….or maybe even the best drink that you ever had.  Somebody, somewhere grew that food item that tasted, oh so good.  Oh, you were thinking of an icy cold glass of water.  Well, you stumped me, not really.  Even still, there was an ag engineer that dug the well, set the pump and made that water available.  And once that well was flowing, it probably irrigated some crops as well as filling your bottle of water.  

     We, as in Americans, take for granted the abundant, safe & cheap food supply that we have readily available to us.  A strong military helped keep our freedoms.  But the American farmer and rancher fed you, me and the military.  And no Army was ever succesful when they were hungry.  Agriculture is the backbone of any strong society.  We all must eat.  Some places are more plentiful than others.  I choose to not eat raw tomatoes.  But, I have also never been hungry enough that I would want to eat a raw tomato.  My parents provided well for me and my brothers.  Some would call this spoiled.  Not me.  I call it lucky.  I’ve had to eat a raw tomato before and let me say that I would rather lick my own b……………….!  Let’s just say that I have never truly been hungry.  And I hope that noboby that I know ever goes hungry.  We, as Americans, or better yet, humans, should not let anybody go hungry.  We have the capabilities of feeding this entire world.  

       For that matter, if somebody is hungry, stop by, we’ll feed you.  And I’ll probably give you a doe goat to butcher and eat.  Cabrito….the most eaten meat world-wide.  

And in all seriousness, take care of a neighbor, check on the elderly, exercise a bit, give to somebody in need and no matter what…..stay flexible, but not limp.