Keep It Short

We ain’t going for no pulitzer prizes, so we’ll keep it short.  We did get some moisture this evening.  In the form of ice pellets.  Some have already called school on Thursday.  Woodward District pig show move-in is tomorrow.  We don’t have time for any weather related delays.

Took a set of quads for the kids to take to the grade school today.  Then the quads made their way to the cooperative building, then the high school and then the middle school.  It was fun watching kids and adults get wound up about baby goats.  Hopefully, the goat kids made a positive impact on the school kids.  Our society is getting farther away from actually having their hands on agriculture.

Wow.  A pretty impressive run.  Billy Graham passed away.  No matter what religion a person adheres to, one has to respect the path that man walked for many, many years.

And , I just got a text that Shattuck is not having school.

Have a good one and a better tomorrow.  Keep the stock warm, fed and watered.  And for all the Okies and Texans that are in the middle of stock show season, nothing but horseshoes and shamrocks.

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