We survived a trip to Kansas City.  It was a good trip and was probably the deepest set of goats that I have seen shown at Kansas City.  Duke and I didn’t fare so well in the show, but we had a large time.  

        I could start with the pre-show report or I could just give a show report.  The pre-show report is way more fun.  

     First of all, the American Royal show does not act like it wants to have a goat or sheep show.  They started the show late.  They didn’t have a photo backdrop setup for the showmanship contest.  They are difficult to deal with and they look to grab cash at every turn–entries, nominations, parking pass, exhibitor passes, DNA tests, etc, etc, etc.  They have archaic rules–NO blowers, no clippers, no stands, no drenching.  I am fine with the lack of clippers, stands and drenching.  The NO blower rules is assinine.  There is no cheating involved with the use of a blower.  It just helps get an animal clean and dry.  That’s it.  We had a wether that got the shits on Thursday.  All over his ass and down his legs.  We washed him and then chamois-ed him dry.  Lovely.  A blower would have helped.  And, yes, I did get sent to the principal’s office and then the superintendent’s office.  No, I wasn’t mouthy, didn’t cuss and really wasn’t argumentative.  About a 1/3 of the total entries had “problems” with the ear tag info on nominations vs. entry cards vs. what they ACTUALLY wanted on the cards.  My point–If you have that many problems, it isn’t the exhibitors fault, it is the show managements problem with lack of proper communication.  No other show has as many problems with ear tag info.  They claim that they are more thorough than other shows.  I call BS.  

       Next, there were a lot of good goats from all over the country.  I saw good goats from Kedrick Miller, Hummel’s and Fledderjohan as well as several Okie & Texas breeders.  Goats were well fitted and well presented.  Lots of scissors were in action to fit legs as a result of the banned clippers.  Although there are differing styles of showmanship, showmanship across the country has improved.  

       As a result of show management having goats being there Wednesday, Thursday and not showing until Friday, there was a LOT of dead time Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.  It was fun watching the kids make new friends.  Lots of card games were going on amongst the kids.  That is good.  Thank goodness we had Hot & Spicy crackers and Zesty pretzels from Katy to keep us going.  Thanks.  On Thursday evening, there might have been a dare to ride a dolly cart down the ramp from the 2nd floor down to the cattle barn.  I didn’t really want to do it.  But the kids were pushing the issue.  I did it.  Then Jordan Fledderjohan rode it like he owned it.  There may or not be video of these lapses of intelligience.  Oh, and Randi Sweet might have also rode it.  I am happy to report no injuries.  

       After the dolly cart rides, we went to the hotel and ordered 13 Papa John’s pizzas.  The security guard might have joined us for supper.  Then, Scott Comstock and I volunteered to go with Braden and the rest of the kids to the haunted house tours that they have there in KC.  Old, brick warehouses with gators, spooks, snakes and other crap.  NO!  I did not go through the haunted house.  I kept the police officers entertained for a bit.  This particular spook house ended by jumping out of the 2nd story onto one of those airbags.  I don’t jump out of a building unless it is on fire.  I love our kids but they are retarded.  

     On Wednesday evening, we hiked from our hotel to the Power & Light district.  We went to the 801 Chophouse.  I have eaten at one of these in Omaha.  They are wicked good.  Duke highly recommends the filet.   I’ve had the filet, the ribeye and now, the prime rib.  They know their beef.  Great stop.  Brandon the  Bruce didn’t go because he does NOT function very well if he doesn’t get a set amount of sleep.  

      Show report

Congrats to Jett Smith from Perry, OK.  Champion overall showman and res. lightweight wether with a Simpson goat.  Good family that is working to do good.  I like to see this kind of kid be successful. 

      I can tell you that the lightweight division was wicked good and all 4 class winners were from Okie showmen that will show at Woodward District in March.  The fact that makes this scarier is that there were also a lot of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th place goats in that division that were also Woodward District goats.  Basically, div. 1 was kind of a Woodward District preview show–now minus one.  Hats off to all of the Okies that showed.  The goats looked great.  Lexi Vanderwork won this tough division.  This was a wether that Duke, Braden and I bought in the Gallagher June sale out of Snuffy.  

       The middle division had a really deep class in the 5th class.  But, a pair of Fledderjohan wethers were 1 & 2 in this division.  It was evident that he liked this pair as he talked them.  They were very complete in type and kind.  Plenty of muscle, yet still correct.  

        The heavy weights brought some differences.  Braden Schovanec won the first class with a paint Rumour Has It wether from Seelke’s.  Cooper Bounds won a heavier class with a Kedrick Miller goat.  I thought it was between these two and Braden’s fit earlier patterns of being correct, complete with plenty of muscle.  The Bounds goat was massive in terms of muscle and bone, but wasn’t as cool in his shoulder set or neck tie.  The judged talked them the same way that I saw them, but placed them differently.  When he used the Bounds goat to win the heavy division, I immediately thought, “OH $%&!  This lightweight has a chance.”  Guess what?   He did. The champion middle weight was grand and then, he quickly followed with Lexi’s lightweight for reserve grand.  This was a good pair of banner goats.  

       Although, I was planning on Braden going out on a high note, I am more pleased with how he handled not winning.  He was there as a mentor to our younger kids.  He put on showmanship clinics and gave advice.  He was good in defeat and immediately went to helping me with Lexi and her goat.  That my friends is what we are trying to build.  Sure, I want a banner animal, but the kid is more important.  THAT is why we show.  Congrats to Braden Shovanec and his family on a heckuva career.  

       I wasn’t planning on losing Lexi’s goat at KC, but a reserve grand at the royal is good.  A win is a win.  Take ’em when you can get ’em.  And that is one less good goat that will show at Woodward District in March.  Congrats to Lexi and her family on adding to an already good show season.

       Looking back, Fledderjohan and I rode that dolly cart down that ramp. Then, the next day, we took home the big banners.  I guess if you want to win, you have to have no fear.  Congrats to all.