I love it! I thoroughly enjoy it when karma comes back to bite cheaters in the ass.  But, I absolutely hate it when you look at the collateral damage.

      First of all, congrats to Kedrick Miller and crew for raising the reserve grand wether at OYE as selected by the judge.  It looks like yankee goats can compete anywhere.  Kedrick, Cooper and their crew works hard and wins and as a result they are piling up the banners…even if they aren’t in the backdrop with this particular one.  Classic!!  

      I do not like the fact that one breeder had to run a retraction and another breeder then be able to claim the goat.  Not fair to either one.  There is NO doubt in my mind that the first breeder was lied to.  But, that is partially their fault as well.  If you listen to the wrong people, expect problems.  

Second of all, and more importantly, congrats to Nicole Lee and her family on NOW having the reserve grand wether at OYE.  The Kelln’s are happy for her family.  She has had a nice career and that bronze deal wasn’t bad, but a division champ, reserve grand handshake and a limo ride would have been better.  Just some more collateral damage caused by cheaters.

I am sure that there will be several parties playing the “naive” card.  I am also real sure that every party knew exactly what was going on.   The whole industry knows that there is a four letter word that brings a stench to goat shows.  It shouldn’t be that way as that deal probably knows more about livestock than anyone on the planet.  But…

All that I am getting at is this.  I don’t like dirty pool.  Play it straight up.  Go win or get beat by something better, but dang it, do it straight up.  Too many of these people are too talented to play it like this, but they can’t help themselves.  They are convinced that they have to do this crap.  And as a result, there is collateral damage.  There were kids affected on either side of this.  Other parents are having to explain to their kids what happened.      For the second time in a month, I am having to explain to Duke what happened.  Dude, it ain’t cool.

A banner is NOT worth it.  Play it straight.  Give it your best.  Whatever cliche you want to use.  As a parent, it is not worth it.  Parents need to think about what they are doing.  These bad decisions affect other people.  And NO, I’m not just talking about this goat show.

I am actually re-reading this and don’t feel like anybody should be offended but…I’m probably wrong.  There may even be some bad karma sent my way.  I may even get another world-record longest text.  That’s fine.

I am entirely not missing the point that some people just can’t keep from cheating.  And I am sure that they can lay their head on their pillow in peace at night because they are used to it.


Good luck to you and your family!  Have a good day and a better tomorrow.



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