This post is not about some police dog patrol.  It actually has nothing to do with a dog at all.  It is about a goat.  One of the very few doe goats that I like.

So, back in 2006, I traveled the state of Texas. I bought several groups of really good does. Harbour, Turner and Powell/Holman.  Great genetics to build from.  As I got them home, I vaccinated, wormed and ear tagged as they came off the trailer.  They were numbered in order.  For example, the Harbour goats were H1, H2,etc.  There was a crap load of Turner goats…T1, T2, T67, etc.  Same goes for the Powell/Holman does.

That same time, Fred Slater and I went to buying bucks.  We had already acquired Harley from Mike Kelly.  But we wanted a couple more.  In June of that year, we spent a day with the sisters.  We literally looked through hundreds of bucks and thousands of does.  Some stuff was not for sale, some was and some became for sale later in the day.  Tom Lamle, Fred Slater and I should write a book about this weekend.  There was a large dog, a crappy motel, lots of goats, something about being kicked out of a Wal Mart and a bunch of tacos.  But back to the story.

We bought a large group of does. When asked what they were sired by, Claire responded, “A damn good Powell/Holman buck.  Does it really make a shit?”  No.  No it didn’t.  They were damn good.   Then we got to dealing on bucks.  There was a red nutted buck out of Bingo that we all loved.  Price was acceptable.

There was a pair of twin yearling bucks that we loved.  NOT priced!  I kept asking.  NOT priced!  The day went on.  We left Claire’s and headed south of Sonora to Sharon’s place.  How about those south Texas bump gates?!  They will screw with you when you aren’t used to them.

Anyways, we sorted through a butt-load of goats..again.  And it was HOT!  I mean south Texas hot.  But, no wind.  We had agreed on a pile of does and possibly a buck.  But I wanted two bucks.  But Claire wasn’t having any of it.  We sat under a big tree in the corrals.  Did I mention that it was HOT?   I needed a break from the negotiations, so I headed to the trailer.   Lamle followed.  As I opened the tack room door, I heard “You mouthy bastard, if you are getting a beer, you better bring that ice chest back over here.”  It wasn’t Fred.  So, I did as I was told.

Several hours later, finally, we agreed on a price on that buck.  Fred and I agreed to name him X Factor.  People, this was 2006.   Many  years before Helms made another X Factor.  The sisters kept the twin buck and he sired lots of good goats.  We got X Factor and that set of does home and went to breeding.  Several months later, we had kids on the ground.  First goat that we ever put insurance on.

The first crop out of X Factor looked stellar.  And proved to be so.  Grand wether at Enid, Div. 1 champ doe at OYE.  Among others.  Let’s just say that he worked.  I kept several Dec. born doe kids out of him.  I tagged them with a K and their mother’s number.  Thus, P9 hatched K9.  X Factor found an untimely early death.  I didn’t get many out of him, but that dude left his mark.  Fade2Blacks’ mom was an X Factor out of T76—a Turner doe.

It never crossed our minds at that time to show K9.  She was big chested, round ribbed, tight hided, square racked, monster loined and big assed.  But, back then a parrot mouth and fished teats were a sure sift in the doe show.

We bred her early.  She had a July born kid that was a little bitty rat looking turd.  But I liked him!   I liked him a lot, but he was so skinny and green.  How skinny and green you ask?  Well, Scott Riley and Jack Staats came to buy a Bodog wether.  I priced that wether to them.  And told them that he wasn’t the best one.  Riley was wound.  “WHAT?! WTH?!”  I said, “That little skinny dude is the good one.”  BS!  Riley said, “Then price them.” So I did.  $2,500 for the Bodog wether and $1,500 for the pair.

Riley went to jumping up and down like a pogo stick. WTH? Why?  Staats said, “Scott, just calm down and take the deal.”  Scott’s girls were wicked good feeders and showmen.  They had not yet hit it big at OYE but it was coming.

Fast forward to OYE in 2009.  That little skinny goat out of K9 was champion lightweight and Bronze overall.  Proof that it pays to put good goats in capable hands.  And the Bodogx Harley wether was 3rd in class.  Good pair!

Then K9 was bred to Captain Morgan and had a res. div. at Tulsa with Meagan Rhodes.  Then she was bred to Starbuck (Black Sabbath) and had the 4th overall at the State Fair of Ok and the res. div. 6 at Tulsa.  Then I bred her to Joe Dirt. Halie Schovanec had a class winner at Tulsa.  Then I bred her to Rainman and still have both does–B33 and B34.  I lost a year in there to a thiamine deficiency.  I worked pretty hard to save this one.  It paid off.

Then, Schneberger set up a flush deal.  I flushed her to Rumour Has It.  This produced Law & Order, Skippy Red Leg and Goatness (which was the grand doe at Woodward District ’15).  I lost her ’15 kid.  Then Milligan and I bred her to Ear Muffs.  I sold a wicked doe kid out of her (that stayed REAL close to home) and sold the buck kid.

This doe has consistently made damn good goats.  Didn’t matter what she was bred to.  I won’t say that she is the best doe in Oklahoma, but she is better than most.  And at 10 years of age, you would expect an obituary.  But no.

I walked the pastures last night looking at notes and looking at goats. Seeing what does looked like they were bagging up.  I didn’t think that K9 had settled.  But, I thought, “Dude, she looks a tick piggy.  Maybe, first of June.”  I was WRONG!  How about April 27, 2017.  It was a big, big kid.  Duke held horns while I pulled.  Sure, enough, it was the single buck kid syndrome.  BIG!  I told Duke that we will lose this kid before we lose the doe.  A dairy doe was standing within a few feet with a fresh bag.  But, not this time.  Save the doe not the kid.  She has earned the right.  It took some work, but he is alive and she is fine.  I need to buy a lottery ticket as this is my lucky day.

We all want to get all geeked up about buck power.  It doesn’t matter the species, the bucks/bulls/boars get  us all fired up.  But, it is hard to put a price on a doe that works with every buck.   I was smart enough to flush her once.  But dumb enough not to try again.

Here’s to hoping that every one of you all have a doe like K9 that just works!  It makes it fun.  Have a good one and a……


You know what,  our family friends, Steve & Mindi Clark hatched their first kid.  A boy.  YEAH!

I think that Kevin Frazier is probably dumber than I am. Maybe.  YEAH!

The weather is all jacked out of whack here in paradise.  YEAH!   I should be used to it.  But, NOOOO!

This was a really long post with nothing “controversial” in it.  Yet. YEAH!


Have a good one and an even better tomorrow.





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